Cine Expat #15: Safari | Filmtheater Cinecenter

datum: zondag 13 augustus 2017

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Cine Expat  15  Safari | Filmtheater Cinecenter

On August 13th at 9PM we screen the latest film by Austrian director Ulrich Seidl, Safari, a deeply upsetting but beautifully composed documentary about European tourists on the hunt for wild animals in Africa. Safari is a part of Eye’s Previously Unreleased-programme and we will be the first to screen it during Cine Expat.

Seidl has called his latest film “a vacation movie about killing”. Every year, German and Austrian tourists set foot on wildlife preservations in Africa, where they pay to kill wild animals such as lions, zebras and giraffes. Among these tourists are middle-aged hunting enthusiasts Manfred and Inge Ellinger, who were introduced in Seidl’s previous film Im Keller, in which they showed us their huge collection of trophies – animal heads – hanging on the wall. In stylized images, Safari shows us the brutal and useless killings of these hunter’s preys. The hunting tourists gladly express their excitement to pull that tricker; the ultimate excercise of power. After the kill, the animals must be skinned and dismembered, a dirty job for black workers, far away from the tourist’s eye. Although these hunting vacations may come across as disgusting, Seidl leaves out any form of comment or criticism in his cold study of men’s exploitation of nature. It’s because of this approach that we get to know the hunter’s motives.

Ulrich Seidl is mostly known for his Paradies-trilogy (Paradies Liebe, Paradies Glaube, Paradies Hoffnung), in which he blends fiction and documentary, and takes subjects such as sex tourism in Kenya under the loop, always with a dark sense of humor, and without criticism.


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