Curated By Lenzman | Paradiso Amsterdam

datum: zaterdag 16 september 2017

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Curated By Lenzman | Paradiso Amsterdam

At Curated By, one artist selects his/her favorite line up. After a succesful first edition, Nymfo steps down for our next Curator; Lenzman

This Amsterdam-based DJ/producer keeps reaching notable accomplishments during his career. A decade of ongoing releases, through the renown MetalHeadz label, as well as many unique collaborations, and side-projects, rightfully propel him onto different continents for many performances. Actually, it's easy to say that Lenzman is up there in the stratosphere of the international Drum & Bass scene. That's not all though.

In the recent months, Lenzman’s newly established label called: The North Quarter, has further diversified his tastes and knowledge within the soul-driven spectrum of Drum & Bass. An artist known for his emotionally rich and deep translation of Hip Hop, Soul and Jazz influences, Lenzman is not afraid to touch the audiences with uncompromisingly raw and heartfelt live performances.

As the Curator this time, during this night, Lenzman brings together some of his closest, and most respected fellow-musicians. All will soon be unveiled... We’re truly honored and delighted to welcome you to Curated By Lenzman!

Full line up will be released on July 8th

Curated By Lenzman
Paradiso - Weteringschans 6-8



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