Fresh Beer Friday: ✦ Gaia ✦ | Oedipus Brewing

datum: vrijdag 13 oktober 2017

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Fresh Beer Friday  ✦ Gaia ✦ | Oedipus Brewing

Every Friday from 4-8pm in the Oedipus Brewing Taproom: #freshbeerfriday!

Enjoy one of our beers, straight from the bottling line, for only 3€. Because we love to share the taste of super fresh ingredients with you.

Burgers & fries served by The Beef Chief

This week's beer: Gaia

When enjoying Gaia, you will likely taste the aromas of grapefruit, passion fruit, cannabis and pine. For us she is a brew at the pinnacle of fertility, yet without being too forward. She is impregnated with five kinds of American hops, but has a round body that supports this bitterness. Gaia conjoins earthly fertility with cosmic inspiration; a brew that opens a threshold through which to explore the many jungles of our universe.

IPA - 7% - 60IBU


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