Kommune invites Ilian Tape | RADION Amsterdam

datum: vrijdag 29 september 2017

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Kommune invites Ilian Tape | RADION Amsterdam

KOMMUNE x ILIAN TAPE // 29.09.2017

◿ Zenker Brothers [ILIAN TAPE]
◿ Stenny [ILIAN TAPE]
◿ Skee Mask [ILIAN TAPE]
◿ Nathan Surreal [KOMMUNE]

Kommune invites Munich based record label Ilian Tape to Amsterdam.

The label operated by brothers Marco & Dario Zenker, better known as ‘The Zenker Brothers’ has been around for a decade, as we speak, showcasing their versatile yet stubbornly inherent sound, which is known in almost every underground venue around the globe.

In the past 10-years the label build quite a reputation as a solid crew of eagerly experienced collectors, selectors and sound wizards, who’s mission it is to follow the labels philosophy translated into one sentence: We don't care about the hype, we just do what we love.

ROUND 1 €10
ROUND 2 €12,50
ROUND 3 €15,00
Afterhour €5 [from 04:00]

Tickets | http://bit.ly/kommunexilliantape

Ilian Tape // Kommune // RADION Amsterdam
Artwork by: Peter van Langen

bron: https://www.facebook.com/events/163162474231800/

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