Lorimer Moseley; explain pain course | Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport

datum: zaterdag 22 juli 2017

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Lorimer Moseley  explain pain course | Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport

This two-day course is the culmination of many years of research into pain physiology education as a management strategy for people in pain.

The first day is primarily lecture format and covers paradigms of pain, conceptual models for understanding the complex psychoneurobiology of pain, current thought about the effects of persistent pain, including effects on the brain and the immune system, the rationale for teaching patients with persistent pain about the biology of pain; recent advances in the evidence for the efficacy of doing this and the mechanisms by which its effects may be mediated.

The second day focuses on the clinical application of the information. Participants will be introduced to the conceptual change pathway, from metaphors and stories to biological concepts and management implications. An emphasis is placed on really understanding modern pain biology so as to enable its integration with clinical practice.

This course will be of great use to anyone wanting to understand modern pain concepts and a must for people who treat patients with chronic pain.

To increase your knowledge of pain biology
To increase your ability to integrate this into your assessment & management of anyone in pain
To demonstrate that the biology of pain is both intuitively sensible and terrifically interesting

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