Old World vs. New World wine tasting | The Library

datum: zaterdag 19 augustus 2017

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Old World vs New World wine tasting | The Library

Discover the differences between wines from the Old World (Europe and the Middle East) and the New World (the rest of the world). We'll taste some interesting whites and bold reds from opposite sides of the world.

We will have 6 wines available, you can pick 4 wines to taste.

This event is free for Library Club members. Friends and guests can join and become members for the day (€ 20,-) or 3 months (€ 25,-). This means 3 months of free weekly tastings!

Bring your Library Card when you come to events :)

Please let us know if you (and your friends) would like to attend.

bron: https://www.facebook.com/events/1938176219787619/

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