The Serenades Fully Acoustic | Café "De Spuyt"

datum: zondag 13 augustus 2017

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The Serenades Fully Acoustic | Café De Spuyt

The Serenades are coming to Amsterdam with a tiny fully acoustic episode at Cafe de Spuyt. The smaller the better, the quieter the best. ;-)

This is not just another gig. It's a new format and it comes with a bit of instructions for the fullest experience.

The Serenades started in London in 2016. Musicians bring their songs like serenades to the audience. 15 minutes of absolute dedication to listen and to enjoy. Then, 15 minutes of chatting, smoking, whatever everybody needs to do.

Gigs built on respect and love for music, audience and musicians.

Gigs from 16.00-19.00

Artists for Sun Aug 13:

Matt Arthur, from London
Matt Arthur is a singer songwriter who lives and performs in London, England. He writes songs about love and heartache because he doesn't quite know what else to do.

Jara Holdert, from Amsterdam
JARA writes beautiful, imaginative songs with heartbreaking lyrics. She returns to "her" Amsterdam after many intimate gigs in the music capitals London and Berlin.

Trieu etc, from Anywhere
After playing in Paris, London, Tokyo, Bali, it is time to come home in Amsterdam. Breezy tunes in lightweight songs, with always sharp life loving lyrics.




It's free to join. We will provide a donation box for the artists.

Please come on time before 16.00 and stay as long as you can, it is magic and the room is very small.

Please be silent while the artists are serenading in order to allow all of us to enjoy the serenades to the fullest. :-)

Thank you! See you there!


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